Young men in Sialkot become emotional, Pervez Khattak

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Young men in Sialkot become emotional, Pervez Khattak

PESHAWAR Dec 06,2021 – Defense Minister Pervez Khattak has said that the youth in Sialkot became emotional, it does not mean that everything in the country has gone bad.

Talking to media about Sialkot tragedy in Peshawar, he said that even I can get emotional and do wrong when it comes to religion.

He further said that in our youth age we also used to get emotional, then it was realized that we have to maintain our enthusiasm.

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Talking to reporters, the Federal Minister also put the responsibility of persuading the emotional youth on the media.

Pervez Khattak said that the responsibility of everything cannot be placed on the government, why the media does not explain to the people? But the media only makes money.

Sialkot tragedy: Two accused confess crime before police

The incident

The Sri Lankan manager of a factory was lynched to death and his body was burnt by hundreds of people in Sialkot yesterday on charges of blasphemy.

Furious workers of a garment factory in Sialkot on Friday tortured their Sri Lankan general manager to death over allegations of blasphemy and set the body on fire.

Priyantha Kumara, a Sri Lankan Christian, had been working at Rajco Industries for 10 years.

The employees of Rajco Industries, located on Wazirabad Road, staged a protest on the premises alleging that Sri Lankan general manager Kumara, had committed blasphemy. On receiving information about the protest, three personnel of the Uggoki police reached the spot, but the mob clearly outnumbered them, making them silent spectators.

Due to protest traffic on Wazirabad Road suspended and were joined by all the factory workers and a large number of locals. On seeing the mob gradually swell from a few dozen to hundreds, Mr Kumara dashed to the roof. Shouting slogans, the charged protesters chased him, dragged him out on the road and tortured him with kicks, stones and iron rods, killing him on the spot. The mob then set the body on fire.

Witnesses Mohammad Iftikhar and Mohammad Ilyas said had the DPO responded to the sensitive matter on time, the killing could have been avoided. They held police’s incompetence responsible for the gruesome incident.

In 2010 two brothers were lynched by angry protesters owing to police’s incompetence and failure to respond on time.