Working group formed for artificial rain in Lahore

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Working group formed for artificial rain in Lahore

LAHORE: Nov 27,2023: A working group has been established to spearhead the implementation of the artificial rain project in Lahore. This dynamic team comprises representatives from federal and provincial departments, as well as military institutions with affiliations in research.

The decision to form the working group transpired during a meeting presided over by the Chief Secretary of Punjab. The gathering focused on reviewing the progress of projects related to artificial rainfall and smog reduction towers in Lahore.

Attended by secretaries from pertinent departments and officials from federal and military institutions, the meeting included a comprehensive briefing on the methodology of artificial rain. The briefing underscored that the initial cloud seeding trial is anticipated within 4 to 6 weeks, with chemical cloud seeding being particularly contingent on prevailing weather conditions and cloud formation.

During the session, it was disclosed that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Dubai-based company for cloud ionization is in its final stages. Cloud ionization trials, involving 5 systems from the Dubai company, are slated to commence within 6 weeks.

Additionally, a team of experts is scheduled to travel to China next month to oversee the installation of smog reduction towers in Lahore. To ensure effective project oversight, a monitoring cell is in the process of being established within the Environment Protection Department.

Chief Secretary Punjab, addressing the assembly, emphasized the necessity for collaborative efforts to combat environmental pollution. He commended the cooperative involvement of federal and military agencies in the commendable initiative to curb smog.