Supreme Court Petition Seeks Removal of President Alvi

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Supreme Court Petition Seeks Removal of President Alvi

 Alleging Bias and Constitutional Violations

Islamabad, Nov 26, 2023 – The Supreme Court of Pakistan was approached on Saturday with a petition urging the removal of Dr. Arif Alvi from the presidency, citing allegations of not adhering to the responsibilities of the highest office and displaying bias.

The petitioner, Ghulam Murtaza Khan, appearing in person, claimed that President Alvi has been evasive in fulfilling his constitutional duties and has committed gross misconduct, rendering him ineligible to continue as the President of Pakistan.

The petitioner asserted, “Being the head of the State, he is under a constitutional obligation to work in accordance with the law, but he was misusing the powers and violating the Constitution continuously by his words and conducts.”

Mr. Khan contended that the President, as the representative of the entire nation, should carry out this responsibility patriotically, without bias towards any political party. However, he alleged that President Alvi has been representing and favoring the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), violating the impartiality expected from the office.

The petitioner pointed to the dissolution of the National Assembly in April 2022 on the instructions of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, an action that, according to the petitioner, damaged the political landscape and tarnished Pakistan’s international image. Despite the Supreme Court overturning the dissolution, the petitioner argued that President Alvi’s role in the affair was damaging.

According to the petitioner, the President misused his powers by allegedly supporting the PTI through his office, using it for the party’s meetings or activities. Such actions were deemed unconstitutional and biased against the entire nation.

The petition seeks a declaration that President Arif Alvi should not continue in office, putting forth a case that adds to the complex political dynamics in Pakistan. The Supreme Court will be tasked with evaluating the merits of the allegations against the President and deciding on the petition’s outcome.