90% buildings in Karachi lack a fire-fighting system

Fire fighting

90% buildings in Karachi lack a fire-fighting system

KARACHI, Nov 27,203: According to a survey, 90 percent of buildings in Karachi lack a fire-fighting system, Director of Rescue 1122 Sindh, Dr. Abid, has revealed.

In response to a recent fire incident in a shopping mall, he announced the filing of an FIR, with an ensuing investigation.

Dr. Abid highlighted the alarming increase in fire incidents and expressed concern over the non-implementation of building control measures. The absence of a fire-fighting system in the shopping mall was noted by the rescue teams, who encountered difficulties while attempting to enter the building to extinguish the fire.

Furthermore, Dr. Abid emphasized that merely installing fire-fighting systems is insufficient; there is a pressing need for training the occupants of buildings. He stressed the importance of conducting fire drills regularly.

It is pertinent to mention that a tragic incident occurred two days ago, resulting in the death of 11 individuals and numerous injuries due to a fire in a shopping mall located on Rashid Minhas Road in Karachi.