Withdrawal from Afghanistan, fear of US sanctions on Pakistan

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WASHINGTON – Jul – 03, 2021- With the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, tensions between China, the United States and the Indo-US economic and defense alliance, the United States would need Pakistan less and less, likewise it did in the past.

US media reports and comments said, after the US withdrawal, the US now needs Pakistan less because of the presence of an ally like India. A clear indication is the inclusion of Pakistan in the list of 15 countries released in 2021 under US law under the Child Prevention Act.

Under the law, countries on the US list may be subject to economic and other sanctions, including US military aid, military training and co-operation programs, including the supply of security and military weapons.

Pakistan’s military leadership briefed parliamentary leadership on regional situation

However, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry has rejected the US decision to include Pakistan in the US list.

But not only has the US list been released, but it would be mandatory for the US government to implement this decision in the next fiscal year. However, sanctions could be temporarily suspended if US President Biden issues a special waiver for a country.

The decision and the US move are part of the US global strategy to address China’s growing influence, economic growth and the challenge of superiority.

The State Department did not compile the report and the list of 15 countries in a single day, but it has been working for some time, and the Biden administration has decided to release a list of 15 countries. The law prohibits the recruitment of people under the age of 18 into the category of “child soldiers” or volunteering.

Although in the days of the Afghan war against the Soviet Union, it was customary to welcome young men and foreigners who took part in the “Afghan Jihad” on Afghan soil, but now to meet the demands and challenges of the changing circumstances. These decisions and actions are necessary for.

The State Department’s report lists 15 countries that have been found to be in violation of the US Child Prevention Act, including 12 Muslim-majority countries: Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Libya. , Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, Syria and Yemen, while the only three countries in the non-Muslim world are Burma, Congo and Venezuela.

Following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US now needs Pakistan very little because of the presence of an ally like India. Our other rulers have always been present for the unilateral service of the US. In the past, the rulers made America happy by making decisions. Now the US is angry at the policy of relying on China.

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