UN adapts ceasefire resolution, Israel prepares for major attack on Gaza

Gaza UN voting

UN adapts ceasefire resolution, Israel prepares for major attack on Gaza

The United Nations adapted the resolution of the ceasefire in Gaza, the joint resolution of the Arab countries was presented by Jordan, which was approved by a majority vote, 120 votes were in favor of the resolution, 14 were against, while 45 amendments were added to it.

The United States and Canada faced bad position, not being able to amend the resolution to include the condemnation of Hamas, it is a non-binding resolution that does not have to be implemented.

On the other hand, Israel’s genocide continues in Gaza, 50% of Gaza’s buildings were completely destroyed by bombing, the number of martyrs in Gaza has reached 7 thousand 326, media reported.

The Israeli army says that they have prepared a major ground attack on Gaza, Gaza has been completely blacked out.

The Zionist forces have destroyed the communication system of Gaza, jammers have been installed in Gaza after which the internet and mobile phone service has been stopped there.

The Red Cross says the shutdown of communications has also affected ambulance services, while Hamas says the shutdown of mobile and internet services in Gaza is aimed at covering up Israeli genocide.

Hamas said that they are ready for a ground attack by the Israeli army. Hamas leader Izzat al-Rashak said that if Netanyahu decides to enter Gaza, we are ready.

The Qatari Broadcasting Corporation has claimed with reference to sources that progress has been made in negotiations between Israel and Hamas on a ceasefire and exchange of prisoners.

The Commissioner General of the United Nations Agency for Palestine, Philippe Lazerani, said that Gaza is being suffocated. The United Nations has warned that thousands more people will lose their lives if the siege of Gaza continues.