Two lizard oil vendors arrested from Sehwan mela

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Two lizard oil vendors arrested from Sehwan mela

16 live snakes also recovered from vendor

SEWHAN, March 24,2022- The Wildlife Department has arrested two person for selling snake and lizard oil vendors at Sewhan fair.

Sixteen live snakes were recovered from the snake and lizard oil vendor.

 At the Sehwan Fair, 16 live lizards were recovered from a group selling snakes and lizard oil, which were later released into the natural environment by the wildlife department.

In Subcontinent lizard oil is applied as ointment used to “treat” erectile dysfunction– a sort of liquid Viagra

The Sindh Wildlife Department said that 20 snakes, 19 dead lizards and oil extraction equipment were also seized from the possession of the accused.

A case has been registered against the two arrested accused under wildlife laws.