Suspect lynched to death in Sohrab Goth

KARACHI Apr 2,2023 – One suspect was lynched to death in Sohrab Goth, who was hit by a car driver to fail robbery bid.

A robbery bid was failed on the bridge of Sohrab Goth area of Karachi, when a citizen riding a car hit three alleged robber motorcyclists.

The three suspects were injured in the car collision, police said.

The injured accused were handed over to the police after being tortured by the citizens. While Police officials said that one accused died during the shifting to the hospital.

The injured two suspects Sherullah and Abdul Naseer are being given medical aid in the hospital.

According to the police, weapons, mobile phones and motorcycles have been recovered from the possession of the accused.

Citizens get hold of robber  

On the other hand, the alleged robber fell into the hands of the citizens near Anda Mor area of North Karachi.

The citizens handed over the alleged bandit to the police after the violence.