Sindh PPP demands to extend the duration of census

Nisar khuhro

Sindh PPP demands to extend the duration of census

KARACHI, Mar 17,2023- President of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh chapter Senator Nisar Khuhro has demanded to remove the flaws in the census process and to extend the duration.

Talking to the media at the conclusion of the multi-party conference organised by the PPP, Nisar Khuhro said that there will be no questions if the census is transparent.

He said that Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are ready to hold elections according to the previous census, while concerns were expressed in the 2017 census.

The PPP Sindh president added that the previous government announced that general elections would be held after the digital census, but the time was given less, not all houses could be counted in 10 days.

He said that census is to be done on tablets, but the staff is not trained, it takes 35 minutes to fill a form.

Nisar Khuhro also said that like the RTS failed in the previous government, the tablet could also fail, not everyone has a smartphone to register themselves.

He said that how can the elections of two provinces be conducted on the basis of the old census and the rest of the country on the basis of the new census, resources are distributed on the basis of the census.

The PP senator said that there is no way to explain those who do not have citizenship of Pakistan, foreigners have been included in every census.

He said that Sindh had an objection on the 2017 census, the population of Sindh should be counted correctly in the digital census, the digital tablet is not working nor the app is working.

Nisar Khuhro said that after the completion of the new census, new elections should be held simultaneously in the country.

He said that it is not easy to find those who were displaced in the rains.