Sindh opposes uniform curriculum: Sardar Shah

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KARACHI Aug 17,2021- Sindh opposes uniform curriculum. Sindh Education Minister Sardar Ali Shah has said that education and curriculum is a provincial authority in the constitution, if Sindh is not included then it cannot become a uniform and federal curriculum.

Criticizing the introduction of uniform curriculum, Sardar Ali Shah said that the PTI has been pursuing martial law in every matter and considering only itself as rational.

The provincial education minister said that uniform curriculum could not be implemented suddenly, it needed to be looked into.

He said that implementation of manifesto on education and curriculum is the party manifesto of PTI. We had earlier asked them to sit with us and consult.

Talking to Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood regarding uniform curriculum, Sindh Education Minister said that science subject could be uniform, general subjects would be arranged in the historical background of the province.

He said that they make decisions in a hurry and then say that Sindh is not abiding, Sindh has always accepted the decisions of the federation.

Sindh Education Minister Sardar Ali Shah said that they are working on the curriculum in Sindh. After Ashura, there will be a meeting of the Curriculum Council.

He said that the curriculum would include cultural and historical aspects of the province.