Sindh Government proposal endorsed; Inter-Provincial transport banned for 2 weeks: 

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ISLAMABAD: Finally federal govt’s endorsed the Sindh government proposal as the National Command and Operation Centre has and decided to ban inter-provincial transport from April 10.

However, this ban will be two days in a week, i,e on Saturdays and Sundays

The restriction will remain in place for two weeks, an NCOC meeting decided Sunday.

The vehicles transporting goods, medicines or used for emergency services are exempted from this ban.

Earlier, Sindh CM put this proposal in ECC meeting chaired by the prime minister.

Sindh Covid Task-Force recommends Fed Govt to ban inter-provincial transport for 2 weeks

The Sindh provincial Task-force on Corona recommended to approach the National Command & Operation Center (NCOC) to impose a ban on inter-provincial movement.

The Sindh government formally wrote a letter to Federal government and also decided to restrict inter-provincial transport.