Sindh govt continues Shikarpur operation on its own

Sindh government has decided to continue on going operation without assistance of the federal government

SHIKARPUR (May 28, 2021): The Sindh government has decided to continue on going operation without assistance of the federal government against dacoits in Garhi Tegho area of Shikarpur district of Sindh. Meanwhile police sources on it the sixth day on Friday, said.

The Sindh government did not agree the Centre’s proposal for any assistance in the ongoing operation against bandits in Shikarpur.

During the ongoing police operation 8 dacoits were killed and 12 were injured.

According to DIG Larkana, an exchange of fire is going on between the dacoits and police. So far, more than 260 hideouts of dacoits have been destroyed, police official claimed.

He said that so far 9 out of 12 abductees have been rescued.

Earlier, two policemen and a photographer were martyred in the operation while 6 policemen injured.

On the other hand, SSP Kashmore Amjad Sheikh said that operation against dacoits was also underway in Durrani Mahar area of Kashmore.

He also said that 500 personnel were taking part in the operation, adding that all entrances and exits of Katcha (riverine) had been sealed off during the operation.

Sindh did not agree Centre’s offer

The Sindh government has apparently turned down the Centre’s offer for any assistance in the operation against bandits in Shikarpur launched after recent killings of policemen, however, agreed on broad-based cooperation with Islamabad for an “operation clean-up” in kutcha (riverine) areas of the province in the future.

The chief minister as telling Shaikh Rashid that his government needed some sensitive equipment and while they were making arrangements to get the equipment, the Ministry of Interior could help them as well.

This understanding was reached after federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed met with Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and Governor Imran Ismail.

The interior minister reiterated that law and order was an exclusively provincial subject but made it clear that the federal government could not remain aloof and unaffected amid deteriorating law and order situation in Sindh.


The operation was launched in Ghotki riverine to make the operation a success. All roads in the Katcha have been sealed off and police pickets have been set up in the area. The bordering areas of Shikarpur and Kandhkot Kashmore districts have been sealed off. So that the bandits could not enter Ghotki’s reverine area.

Sindh High Court’s remarks

On May 25, in his remarks, Senior Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar of Sindh High Court Sukkur bench said that what kind of operation is being carried out in Shikarpur. How can they protect the public?

Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar said what type of operation is this, in which police personnel are being martyred, criminals are occupying armored police vehicles. Police cannot protect themselves, how will the public be protected? Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar further said in the remake that the police personnel were being given ineffective armored vehicles in which the occupants were being martyred.

At this stage, lawyer Shabbir informed the court that the culprits were sitting on the bungalows of influential people and the police were meeting the culprits.


Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar his remarked that the police officers were hostile to their colleagues and therefore the officers were martyred.

The Sindh government has expressed its displeasure over the unplanned operation in Shikarpur kutcha area and the martyrdom of personnel during the operation and the seizure of armored vehicles by bandits.

Head money increased

Meanwhile a reward of Rs 36.5 million has been recommended for the arrest of 28 robbers in Sindh.

In the letter, it was recommended to increase the price of Munir Misrani Jatoi from one million to one million.

In this regard, DIG (CTD) Omar Shahid Hamid has written a letter to IG Sindh informing that a meeting of the Provincial Committee on rewards for the heads of the bandits was held in which it was decided to fix the price on the heads of the 28 bandits.


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