Three police officials killed, in a failed operation in Shikarpur

Raid for arrest of Tegho Khan Teghai in Karachi

SHIKARPUR: (May 24, 2021): Three police officials were killed, seven other injured on Monday, during a failed police operation carried in Kutcha area for rescue of two hostages. 

Videos of police operation went viral, showing which are showing the helplessness of the police. Videos are questioning the strategy of operation.

Sindh minister Shabbir Bijarani said, the Sindh government has decided to seek help from Rangers to carry out operation.

Naparkot Police registered a case against Sardar Tegho Khan Teghani and 54 other armed men of them 20 are unknown accused.

Dacoit at scene, foto from TV capture

According to the FIR, police received information that the abductees Naqibullah and Inayatullah were in possession of in bandits in Garhi Tegho. Dacoits have patronage of Tegho Khan Teghani, Abdul Fattah, Imran Teghani, Khairo alias Khair Muhammad, Jan Muhammad and Jhangl Teghani.

According to the report, five police parties were deployed at the site along with APC-Chain vehicles and weapons at Kachhi-e-Tigho area. When police reached around the houses of the criminals attacked the police party.

According to the report, the suspects fired rocket-propelled grenades at APC vehicles, killing APC driver Abdul Khaliq Solangi, Munawar Jatoi and photographer Haseeb Sheikh.

The other police party rushed to their aid, transporting the injured to a police mobile.

Shikarpur police have arrested Sardar Tegho Khan Teghani along with his sons from Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of Karachi.

SSP Amir Magsi -Tegho khan Teghai

SSP Shikarpur Amir Saud Magsi claimed that Shikarpur police in an operation in Karachi arrested Sardar Tegho Khan Teghani along with his two sons. “Shikarpur police in an operation in Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of Karachi have arrested Sardar Tegho Khan Teghani and his two sons,” said SSP Amir Saud Magsi. “I’m overseeing the operation in the Kutcha,” he said.

According to Sardar Teghi Khan’s cousin Abdul Nabi Teghani, 10 students including Khalid Khan Teghani, Mushtaq Teghani, Munawar Teghani and nephew Ghulam Muhammad were arrested late at night.

He said 10 people, including employees Imamuddin, Ajab Gul and Haji Zafar Sindh, have gone missing.

He said action was taken against Sardar for appeasing political opponents, lamented the dom of police personnel, action should be taken against the culprits.

In FIR the police told it story, where in no mention of any dacoit was killed.