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May 24, 2021

Travelogue by Qurban Ali  

I guess you may not like the idea of having to travel to a place you didn’t much know earlier, but I am sure you’ll definitely love it once you’re there. That’s what happened to me. Once I took up the idea of travelling with my family to Kund Malir.

Baluchistan is less travelled path. Thanks to Kund Malir Beach and Hingol National Park, the people of Sindh regularly explore this part of Baluchistan. It’s the latest favourite spot for fun that’s coming in these days.

After plenty of discussion with family members, I went backpacking to Pakistan’s most beautiful and cleanest beach.

You need to get in touch with tour companies for a thorough trip to Hingol and Kund Malir because you are far away and perhaps a little not so well-known. You can hire a coaster with a driver who knows exact location. But we had opted cars because we wanted to do some adventure and escapade.

It was a trip with close friends and their families our own cars. I was travelling in a car with Ammi Baba and other family members, while the friends and their families were in separate cars.

Kund Malir is 393 km from Hyderabad means about 5 to 6 hours journey.

So, journey begins here, we left home early in the morning and gathered at Qasim Chowk Hyderabad at 5 a.m. We got filled fuel tank, a CNG cylinder and a bottle of extra fuel. Made some chicken roast, kebabs for lunch and mushroom sandwiches on our way while kids get their favourite snacks.

A cooler with some ice and cold drinks saved the day by being cool enough. Water bottles are a must because you’re not going to find them.

We started our backpack journey towards Kund Malir. From Karachi to Hub, or let me say Windar, because of bad roads and mobile signals, it’s not a smooth ride.

As soon as you start driving along the Makran Coastal Highway, it will become a blissful trip. A silky smooth and optimal travel with a way of thinking just like a movie. A straight road with white and yellow stripes in the middle of nowhere, towards the shore. It’s definitely a dream until you realise you’ve lost your phone signals. Yes! Now you are disconnected from the world and entering in the real world.

When you start a drive to Makran costal highway you will disconnected with everyone because there is much problem of signals.

We were reach at Kund Malir Beach after passing through three coast guard check posts and toll tax collection points and a 400 Km trip through a plateau with mountains in the backdrop.

Though stopped thrice to fuel , once in Noriabad, then near Karachi and lastly in Hub. There is no fuel stations after Windar. And once for light breakfast near Karachi and once for tea in Windar, it took us almost 7 hours to be there.

I realised after reaching the beach site that it is no longer a lesser-known location as I can spot thousands of people there. It was probably Sunday because of the crowded beach.

We were a group of 16-18 people and discovered that it was possible to book a room with a washroom. We were charged 6000 PKR for a clean, carpeted space, and there was sufficient water in the washroom.

Most tourists coming to Kund Malir are on a ‘day trip’ but some people spend the night here on the shores of the beach. Huts along the coast are available which are not much costly.

Yes, I suggest that if you’re with family, you ask for huts or rooms around, otherwise you can get shades or camps too. To my surprise, there was a hotel and a dhaba too, but we had brought food with us so I didn’t check the food choices available there.

Coming to the beach now, the sandy part was hot hell. I can’t even walk with a flat shoe on that sand, damn! It was scorching for a lot of sunblock users, but the water is as clear as it can be. Oh, so blue, so cold.

At the beach, you can see live sea shells. In Pakistan, the most beautiful beach is undeniably is Kund Malir. And if you’re obsessed with Sunset and you’re a nature lover like me then Kund Malir is the paradise with rhythmic sounds of waves and multi-colour sunsets that freeze that every moment and leave you speechless, you will get to witness this beach.

At this beach the sea is not much deeper as it is at Hawke’s Bay, Mubarak Village, and Kaka Pir. Here children and women can also descend into the seafloor.

I have been a nice time. Yeah, half of my time was spent typing off a keyboard, but the rest spent enjoying the moments that spending time with our group of friends and family, and just plain relaxing, is how amazing this newly discovered nature is.

Hey, if you get the chance to get any trip in a place with views like this even if it was just for a few hours it wouldn’t be too bad of an idea to take it. Because of the kids and Ammi Baba, I missed Princess of Hope and Hingol National Park because they were too much tired and the next day was Monday, but this will keep us motivated to visit the place again.

It was one of my remarkable trips was trip to Kund Malir and I will suggest you to visit it once in your life and get some adventure.

Blogger is student of Media and Communication Studies at University of Sindh 

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