Sindh Cabinet Major decisions

Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah

Sindh Cabinet Major decisions

KARACHI Nov 18,2021

* Sindh Cabinet approves setting up of Sindh High Court Circuit Bench in Mirpur Khas

* Sindh Cabinet allows registration of electric vehicles

* Chief Minister Sindh has directed to remove the number plates of Applied for Registration (AFR)

 * Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh Dr. Haris Ghazdar briefing the Cabinet

Targeted subsidies

* Federal government has started commodity subsidy program, briefing Sindh cabinet

* The purpose of the program is to subsidize food items to low-income families

* The program started with Rs 180 billion in which the federal government will give Rs 42 billion or 35% share

* Provinces will pay Rs 78 billion or 65% share

* Sindh will have to pay Rs 17.67 billion

* This subsidy will be given on wheat, pulses, sugar and ghee

* Sindh Cabinet decides to write a letter seeking some clarification from the Federal Government

 * Fertilizer subsidy in Rabi

* The federal government had approved subsidy on phosphate fertilizer in Rabi.  According to the decision, the federal and provincial governments will provide 50:50 percent subsidy.

* Sindh’s share is 21.6% which will cost Rs 5.6 billion on subsidy

* The federal government will contribute Rs 1.65 billion and the Sindh government will contribute Rs 1.65 billion in subsidies

* This subsidy will be given to the settlers of 1 to 16 acres of land. Sindh Cabinet approved the package

 * Sindh Cabinet decides to fix purchase price of Rs. 2200 per 40 kg,  Last year, the purchase price of wheat was fixed at Rs 2000

* Rotation Policy of Pakistan Administrative Service and Police Officers

* On November 9, 2021, 4 PAS Grade 20 and 7 Police Service officers were transferred from Sindh.

* 4 PAS and 8 PSP have been sent to Sindh. Under Civil Service Rules 15 (I) 1954, the Prime Minister can appoint PAS and PSP officers in consultation with the Chief Minister. * PSA Grade 20 Has 67 posts in Sindh but 19 officers are working

* According to this calculation, there is a shortage of 48 Grade 20 officers.

* PAS or PSP officers are servants of the Federation, not of the Federation.

* The officers who have been sent here have never served in Sindh

* Sindh Cabinet said that the officers who have been transferred from Sindh should be stopped

* The officers who have reported in Sindh should be kept, Sindh Cabinet

* The Cabinet decided to write a letter the Sindh Chief Minister requesting him to inform the federation

* Cabinet also decided to form cadre of Sindh Police Service

Sindh- Centre row cropping up on unilateral transfer of senior officers


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