Multan women block road to protest gas load shedding

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MULTAN Nov 21,2021

The protesting women blocked the road for traffic Ghalla Mandi Road in Multan and chanted slogans against cooking gas load shedding.

They said that due to the gas cut-off, they were facing difficulties in cooking.

The women added that their monthly budget was being severely affected by the use of expensive LPG while the children had to be sent hungry in the morning.

15-hour gas load shedding scheduled from 1st December

The protesters also said that the food in the bazaar has become so expensive that the poor cannot afford it. The women demanded that the load shedding of gas be stopped.

People across the country are worried about gas shortages and load shedding, making it difficult to cook two meals a day at home.

Geysers and heaters have also become useless due to non-availability of gas. While women protested in Multan, the president of Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce has denied the government’s claim of providing gas to industries.


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