Sindh Assembly passes Sindh Evacuee Trust Properties Management bill

Sindh Assembly passes Sindh Evacuee Trust Properties bill (Sadhu Belo Sukkur - foto Wikipedia)

KARACHI: The Sindh Assembly on Friday passed the Sindh Evacuee Trust Properties (Management and Disposal) Bill, 2019, which enables the provincial government to manage evacuee properties attached to charitable, religious or educational trusts or institutions.

The new provincial law repeals the provision of the Evacuee Trust Properties (Management and Disposal) Act, 1975, a federal law, to the extent of Sindh. This bill was proposed in 2019.

Presenting the bill Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla gave the statement of objects and reasons of the new law said that the subject fell within the provincial domain and the provincial assembly was competent to enact a law in the subject matter as provided by Article 142 (c) of the Constitution in view of the abolition of the Concurrent Legislative List by the 18th Amendment.

After enactment of the bill, a board namely Sindh Evacuee Trust Property Board would also be established.

Details of property across Pakistan

There are over 1,130 Hindu temples and 517 gurdwaras in Pakistan. The board controls and manages 109,404 acres of agricultural land and 46,499 acres of built-up urban sub-units in accordance with “Scheme for the Lease of Evacuee Trust Agricultural Land, 1975” and “Schemes for the Management and Disposal of Urban Evacuee Trust Properties, 1977.

Imran Khan Constituted Task force

Imran Khan after coming into power constituted Prime Minister’s Task Force on Evacuee Property Board, headed by Ishrat Hussain’ for reforms in this sector.

Ishrat Hussain report said ETP Board is managing 109369 Acres of land all over Pakistan. 34314 acres of land is un-leased so far. The classified breakup is as under:

  • Banjar Land 1795Acres
  • Land under occupation of
  • J&K refugees – Illegal occupation. 4248 Acres
  • Marriyan/Marght/Darya Burd Land 939 6Acres
  • Land under illegal occupation 18875 Acres

According to Ishrat Hussain’ report Sindh 21735 acres of land of which 2442 acres had been leased out.

Ishrat Hussain report said that Sindh has 3144 unit and 9218 sub units of Evacuee Property Board.

Task Force’s recommendations about Sindh

The report suggested various measure for the Evacuee Propertied under the board across the country. Recommendations about Sindh’s property are as follows:

The task force suggested Sadhu Bella Mandir Sukkur. Barbed wires need to be fixed around the boundary walls of the Mandir for the security and safety of the visitors /yatrees. There are 12 Ghats at Sadhu Bella Shrines, Sukkur. The iron gates need tobe fixed immediately for safety and to avoid any untoward incident in the future.

  • Sukkur Dharam Shala: This facility measuring approximately 5000 Sq. Ft comprising of 80 tenants may be developed as residential/commercial palza and place for Mandir may be reserved in the lower portion. This will lead to significant increase in the income of the board.
  • Property No. D-1380 situated at Vari Tar Road Sukkur comprising of 9 tenants may be included in the development scheme of ETPB to increase the income of board.
  • Property No.C-491 at Wals Road Sukkur comprising of 25 tenants measuring approximately 4000 Sqft may be included in the development scheme for construction of commercial / residential plaza.
  • Property No B-7 situated in Mochi Bazar Sukkur comprising of 5 tenants can be converted into commercial/residential plaza to increase income of ETPB.
  • Property No.11/110, Shikarpur comprising of 7 sub units has been sealed due to default of rent. There is an apprehension of illegal possession by the Archeology Department/Local Administration.
  • To save the property of ETPB, Mr. Dewan Chand Chawala, and head of the sub – committee, has filed a writ petition in the High Court, Larkana against the Deputy Commissioner and other officers of Local Administration, which is still pending. The possession of the said property can be reverted back after necessary negotiations with DC, Shikarpur.

Functional Mandirs under ETPB in Sindh

According to this report there are functional Mandirs under ETPB in Sindh: Sadhu Bela, Sukkur, Guru Gurpat Mandir, Hyderabad, Sant Baba Bhagat Ram Darbar / Mandir, Dadu, Jhollay Lal Mandir, Karachi, Bhai Sant Thawan Das Mandir, Mehar,Dadu, Tehsil Nathan Shah, Dadu,  Gurdas Ram Mandir, Radhan Town Tehsil Mehar, Dadu.


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