Shoukat Hussain Shoro – A dynamic scholar, author

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Shoukat Hussain Shoro - A dynamic scholar, author

Shoukat Shoro – A dynamic scholar, author – A profile

By Sanober Shoro

There are many people who love their culture and language but very few people in the world who write in order to preserve their culture and mother tongue with their skills, Shoukat  Hussain Shoro is one of them, he has variety of skills. Versatile and scholar, drama writer, script producer and author of many books was born on 4–7–1947 in a little village of district Sujawal named Abdul Kareem Shoro.

Shoukat Hussain Shoro Shoro belongs to a civilized family of Shoro, the family who accepted Islam at the time period of Muhammad Bin Qasim. He brought up in his village, his father Abdul Kareem shoro was a judge. He took his early education from Chandia high school Sajawal and did his matriculation in 1963. Later he went Sachal Arts College

Hyderabad for intermediate and after completion he moved to University of Sindh and completed his masters 1968. He got married in 1974 and has two daughters and one son.

Shokat Shoro started writing from the very little age, he used to read children magazines “Gulistan” and books “Toto Mena” and “Hatim Tai,” and got impressed. Jamal Abro, Naseem Kharal and Hameed Sindhi inspired him bye their skills, he has fond of writing since childhood. He was in matriculation when he wrote his first story which lifted him to the peak of success. It was short story published in “Rooh Rihan magazine”. At that time newspapers used to publish children pages. He started writing in Hilal Pakistan, Ibrat and in Gul Phul magazine.

Shaukat Hussain Shoro laid to rest in Sindh University Cemetery

During Matriculation he had a part time job at Pinyari feeder, his earning was 60 rupees only, and he was working as telephone operator, because he was suffering from financial problem, his teachers also used to help him. Multi-talented Shokat did not lose his hope and remain committed towards the destiny. With the passage of time he became the owner of skills. He also wrote in “Mehran” and “Sohni” magazines. He has written many books. “Bhuri Dharti Bhurro Akash”, “Akhin Me Tangial Sapna”, and “Gum Thial Paacho” is best of his collection.

“Gum Thial Pacho” ( Missing Shadow) was published in India, which gave him popularity. A great response was given by the readers to him, there he is awarded with Sindhi AdbiAward. This award was presented him by the famous lawyer of India Ram Jeth Malhani in Mumbai on May 14th 2015. He has got many achievements in his life.

He has been the solo and serial drama writer as well. He wrote for Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. He had been a script producer at P.T.V from 1974 to 1977.

His famous solo play is “Bakh” in which character of “ Molu” is still remembered by the viewers. Another drama was “Soneti” written on “Sindh Rani” the wife of Mir Bago who was a ruler of Sindh. “Dhuban” drama was also liked, it was written about the Robbers.

Later he was appointed in University of Sindh as student welfare of stakes officer in 1977. He worked at different posts in Administration of university time by time, during the post of Additional controller of examination he was threaten to death by some political leaders but loyal Shokat never cared about his life and remain sincere with job. His last post at university was Director of Sindhology he retired from this designation in 2009.

Shoukat Hussain Shoro has an excellent ability to write good quality content since more than 50 years, he has been a good columnist as well, and many articles have been published by leading newspapers. His last book “RatjoRin” was published in 2013. The genius Shokat shoro says his purpose of writing is to save civilization from destroying, he says our new generation is far behind of literature because our education system is not good. The skillful writer avoids from crowd he like loneliness.

This profile was written by Sanober Shoro under guidance of Sohail Sangi in August 2015, she was student of M A previous in Media and Communication Department.