Shaukat Hussain Shoro laid to rest in Sindh University Cemetery

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Shaukat Hussain Shoro laid to rest in Sindh University Cemetery

JAMSHORO Nov 10,2021

Renowned Sindhi writer Shaukat Hussain Shoro’s body was laid to rest in Sindh University Cemetery on Wednesday.

His body was brought from Karachi to his residence at Sindh University Housing Society Phase -I.

Shoukat Hussain Shoro, veteran short story writer, playwright (Radio and Television), essayist, critic and columnist of the Sindhi language, breathed his last at a private hospital in Karachi on November 9, 2021 after a protracted illness at the age of 74.

After his funeral prayers in Qaba Masjid, he was cremated in Sindh University Cemetery.

Among others

Former VC Dr. Beka Ram, Naseer Mirza, Qazi Khadim, Saleem Memon, Niaz Panhwar, Naz Sahto, Dr Mahmood Mughal, Dr Ishaq Samejo, Azhar Qazi, Hafiz Ahmed Unar, Anwar Sagar Kandhro, Ghulam Qadir Sahan, Rashid Memon, Dr Muhammad Ali Manjhi, Zulfiqar Qureshi,  Shah Murad Chandio, Prof Murtaza Darejo, Prof Bhai Khan Shar, Mian Khan Mirani Nematullah Khilji, Ghulam Rasool Gharq, ,SEVA leader Muhammad Ali Ghanghro, Ali Rustmani Arif Halepoto, Ahmed Kanbhar, Tariq Kaka, Riaz Narejo,   Syed Sikandar Shah, and others attended.

Shoukat Hussain Shoro – A dynamic scholar, author

Born on July 4, 1947 at village Haji Noor Muhammad Shoro of district Sujawal (formerly Thatta district), to Abdul Karim Shoro, a Zamindar, lawyer and a judge, Shoukat Shoro started writing shot stories in 1964 when his first story ‘Akhiyoon Roee Piyoon’ was published in a famous literary magazine ‘Rooh Rehan’.

He authored dozens of stories published in various magazines including ‘Suhni’ magazine of Hyderabad. So far four of his story collection books have been published namely – ‘Goongi Dharti, Borro Akas’ (1981), ‘Akhiyun Main Tangiyal Sapna’ (1983), ‘Gum Thiyal Paachho’ (1989) and ‘Raat Jo rang’ (2011). His other book is a compilation entitled “Hundred Sindhi short stories” (Two volumes – first volume published by Institute of Sindhology).