Shahbaz Sharif’s bail matter draws controversy

LAHORE: The bail matter of PML-N president and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif will now be sent to the referee judge.

Two member bench of the Lahore High Court has issued a written decision regarding the bail of Shahbaz Sharif.

Justice Sardar Sarfraz Dogar, a member of the Lahore High Court bench, granted bail to Shahbaz Sharif while another judge, Justice Asjad Javed Gharal, rejected his bail application.

The matter will now send to the referee judge on the difference of opinion among the judges of the two-member bench on the Shahbaz Sharif’s bail.

Justice Sardar Sarfraz Dogar said that after the hearing, a brief decision was taken to grant bail. When the decision was placed before Justice Asjad Gharal for signing, he expressed his intention to write a dissenting note, Daily Jang reported.

He further said that due to differences we have written separate verdicts, the matter will be placed before the Chief Justice for the appointment of a referee judge.

Justice Asjad Javed Gharal in a dissenting note said that Justice Sardar Sarfraz Dogar granted bail to Shahbaz Sharif, I do not agree with his observations, reasons and results.

He said that he was shocked to see the unanimous decision of granting bail in the short order, adding that the unanimous decision of granting bail was contrary to facts.

Justice Asjad Javed Gharal further said that after the hearing, when Justice Sardar Sarfraz sought his consent, I flatly refused. Justice Sarfraz Dogar alone pronounced the unanimous verdict.

He said that he immediately informed the Chief Justice of the High Court about it, a short decision was sent for signature on which there is no question of me signing it.

Earlier, Shahbaz Sharif had filed a bail application in the excess Assets case.