Culture Minister lodges FIR for humiliating King Priest statue


KARACHI: The Sindh culture Department on Sunday has lodged an FIR against some unidentified persons for humiliatingly the statue of King Priest at prehistoric Indus civilisation site Mohen Jo Daro.

The complainants Rano Khan Solangi and Muhammad Saleem Solangi lodged FIR at Airport police station Larkana, under section 295-A of PPC.

The two complainants stated that they are watchmen of Archeology Department at the Mohen Jo Daro, and saw a photo on social media,  where in three unidentified persons were hamulating the statue of King Priest.

They sated that as photo went viral, and in response tot that the high officials of the culture partment directed the satff of Mohen jo Daro site to register a case against those un identified persons. Therefore are lodging this FIR.

Following a photo showing humiliation to the statue of King Priest at prehistoric Indus civilisation site Mohen Jo Daro, went viral on social media, Sindh Culture Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah on Sunday has taken strong notice of tragic incident in Mohen -jo-Daro.

In tweet Culture minister directed the Director General Culture Manzoor Kanasro to take stern legal action against those involved in the incident.

He said the culture department will seek help from NADRA to identify the persons involved in the deplorable incident.

Three persons photographed while humiliating the statue fixed ath Mohenjo Daro site in district Larkana.

A number of people from Sindh posted the photographs of the Mohen jo Daro demanding arrest and action action the accused.

Mazhar Ali Dootio said in his tweet said, “this is bad attitude developing in Sindh. Mohen Jo Daro is our identity.

Isehaq Tunio said, they (accused) disrespecting their history, this face is of their ancestors.

Mohen Jo Daro was built around 2500 BCE, it was one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation, and one of the world’s earliest major cities, contemporaneous with the civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Minoan Crete, and Norte Chico.

This is internally recognized by the archeologists and historians.

An initial agreement to fund restoration was agreed through the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Later, contributions were made by a number of other countries to the project.

Mohen -jo-daro has a planned layout with rectilinear buildings arranged on a grid plan. No war weapon was found from this city.

Two weeks back a campaign was launched against a legend intellectual Amar Jaleel, Sindhi society strongly reacted to the move.