Serial killer Charles Sobhraj’s release ordered

Sobhraj Serial killer

Serial killer Charles Sobhraj’s release ordered

Nepal’s Supreme Court has ordered the release of notorious serial killer Charles Sobhraj.

A two-member bench of the Nepali Supreme Court also ordered Charles Sobhraj to be deported from the country within 15 days of his release.

According to British media, 78-year-old notorious criminal Charles Sobhraj has been ordered to be released due to his advanced age and ill health.

Charles Sobhraj is suffering from a heart disease and needs open heart surgery.

Charles Subhraj has been serving a 19-year life sentence in a Nepalese prison for the murder of two tourists in 1975.

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Hundreds of alleged cases related to Charles Sobhraj remain unsolved.

Born in Saigon, a French-administered area in Vietnam, Charles Sobhraj committed crimes in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Turkey, Iran and many other countries.

Sobhraj’s ability to escape by deceiving the prison authorities brought him international fame.

A TV series ‘The Serpent’ was also made on the life of Charles Sobhraj.

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