February 21, 2024

Punjab hires services of transgenders for tax collection efforts

Transgenders Punjab

Punjab hires services of transgenders for tax collection efforts

LAHORE, Dec, 1,2023: In a groundbreaking initiative, the Excise Department has taken an unconventional approach by hiring the services of transgenders, also known as Khawajasara, for tax collection. This move aims not only to enhance revenue collection but also to address societal issues, including discouraging the prevalence of begging.

Notably, three transgenders, Khawajasara Alizah, Lubna, and Sajni Khan, were actively engaged on the streets of Lahore, particularly on Wahdat Road. Their role involved interacting with citizens, urging them to pay taxes promptly, and even stopping vehicles to emphasize the importance of timely tax payments.

Chaudhry Asif, the Director of Excise, highlighted that the inclusion of transgenders in tax collection endeavors serves a dual purpose. Beyond the fiscal objective, it also contributes to efforts aimed at reducing the societal challenge of begging, providing an alternative avenue for employment and empowerment.

The transgenders involved in this unique initiative conveyed important messages to the public, urging them not only to pay taxes on time but also to expedite vehicle registration processes. Additionally, they advocated for environmental responsibility by encouraging citizens to refrain from bringing smog-causing vehicles onto the roads.

This move by the Excise Department not only showcases a progressive and inclusive approach but also underscores the potential for diverse communities to actively participate in public service roles. The engagement of transgenders in tax collection represents a step towards breaking stereotypes and fostering a more inclusive society.