PTI long march third day: ‘Backdoor negotiations’ underway claims CM Elahi

Log march Mureke

PTI long march moving towards Sadhoke on third day

‘Backdoor negotiations’ underway during long march: CM Elahi
Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi has said that “backdoor negotiations” are underway even as the PTI’s long march continues.

Punjab CM Elahi said backdoor talks always take place during long marches. He did not identify who the talks were being held with. Both the government and PTI have previously said there are no negotiations happening.

“God willing [PTI Chairman] Imran Khan will be successful,” he tweeted

PTI long march led by its chairman PTI Imran Khan moving towards Sadhoke on the third day .

Imran Khan has reached Muridke via Ring Road in a convoy.

Fight broke out between PTI workers

A fight broke out between PTI workers on their way from Ferozwala to Muridke, chairs were used in the fight.

On this occasion, the police personnel standing nearby did not intervene, the PTI workers also threw sticks at each other.

Doesn’t talk to boot polishers: Imran Khan

Before departure, former Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the participants of the long march and said, Shehbaz Sharif! You have stated that I sent you a message for negotiations, Shehbaz Sharif, listen! I don’t talk to boot polishers.

PTI starts long march to Islamabad

He said that Shehbaz Sharif, why should I send a message to you? Do you have something to talk about? I spoke to those whom Shehbaz Sharif used to go in the car to meet, I spoke to those who drive Shahbaz Sharif on signals, to whom I spoke only one thing be made clear that clean and transparent election. Chairman PTI Imran Khan reached Muridke from Zaman Park from where he started the third day long march.

Punjab, KP govts will be responsible for any bloodshed: Khawaja Asif

Defence Minister Khawaja Asif has said the responsibility for the marchers’ safety lies on the two PTI’s provincial governments as “98 per cent” of the route is in those two provinces – Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

“The last 2pc of the route is in Islamabad, so if there’s any bloodshed, it’s on those two governments,” Asif said in a press conference in Sialkot.

There are no negotiations taking place right now,” Defence Minister asserted, adding that PTI lawmakers were approaching the government with the objective of abandoning Imran and wanted guarantees for their seats.

The PTI chief also said,“I’m requesting the chief justice to bring those who are above the law, back under it,” he thundered. “They think the law is only for the poor. The powerful bandits get NROs and the poor man goes to jail.”