Petroleum dealers on strike across the country, pumps closed

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Petroleum dealers on strike across the country, pumps closed

 KARACHI Nov 25,2021

The Petroleum Dealers Association are on strike across the country to increase profit margins.

Citizens are facing difficulties due to closure of most petrol pumps.

Dealers are demanding that their profit margin be increased to 6%, and it has been announced that they will not negotiate with the government until the profit is increased.

Petrol pumps across the country to remain closed from tomorrow

 Noman Butt, secretary of the Petroleum Dealers Association, said that the government had not accepted the demands, therefore petrol pumps across the country would remain closed from today.

He said there would be no talks until the dealer margin was 6%. The government had promised to accept the demands but no contact had been made so far.

OGRA threatens to take action

OGRA says action will be taken against closure of petrol pumps. The spokesman for petroleum dealers says only ambulances will get fuel

PSO and Shell have announced to keep petrol pumps open. According to the Ministry of Energy, tankers have been dispatched for oil supply.

Ambulances will be provided fuel

Due to the strike of Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association, petrol pumps across the country will be closed on Thursday (today) and only ambulances will be provided fuel.

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