Nasir Shah suggests Careem to start a single click call center to help passengers

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'PTI wants to conquer Sindh thru shoulders of Pir, MQM'- Nasir Shah

KARACHI – Jul 02, 2021- Sindh minister for information Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has suggested the online taxi service Careem to start a single click away call center of at least 100 lines, whenever a passenger feels any discomfort during ride, can immediately contact & report the situation. Must put trackers under control to lock the vehicle.

Nasir Shah responded a tweet of Ms Armeen , who narrated her ordeal about travelling in Careem internet hiring ride service.

Armeen @khanarmeenn from Isla

her story narrates her ordeal

mabad as her twitter account shows, tweeted her story:

“Every time I have to travel on Careem I make sure I wear shalwar kameez and occasionally I wear a scarf/dupatta too. Today I decided to wear a dupatta on my head, for some reason, while going to the office. The driver was Pathan and made random small talk throughout the ride and I kept responding out of courtesy but mostly for the sake of my safety because you can never be too sure with these men. Right towards the end he started talking about how every time he gets a female passenger he feels it’s his responsibility to ensure her safety”

She further said, “because aj kal halaat bohot kharaab hain. Then he proceeded to tell me keh some female passengers give him a 1 star rating when he tries to strike up a conversation with them. This ‘conversation’ was him telling every female passenger to wear a dupatta on their head.This made me super uncomfortable but I just agreed with him because I was in no position to say anything else. Then he said when a woman doesn’t agree with this ‘I want to take her out of the car and beat her up!’(these were his exact words).”

Armeen said, “By this point I was 100% willing to stop the car and walk to my office because I was so f*cking scared and uncomfortable. Mind you this is the same person who earlier said to me that he occasionally talks to women on FB because he’s looking for a 2nd wife…

She said,” All I can say after this experience is that being a woman in this country absolutely sucks!! “ she concluded.

Reply to armeen

Armeen another tweet clarified, “To all those people that have an issue with me mentioning that he was a Pathan: I’m Pathan too! Usually when these drivers find out you’re Pathan they try to ask you which village you’re from etc. Hence how the conversation started. Now please move on from this point!!”

Careem also responded the tweet of Armeen:

Hi Armeen! We’re extremely concerned to hear about this, and we completely understand the gravity of such a situation. Our goal is to take excellent care of our Customers by ensuring, safety is never compromised and we hope you are well.”

Her story attracted many twitter users and they responded;

Sana Asif Siddiqui says:”It’s interesting to go through comments on any such incident. It starts off with empathy -> sympathy -> where we are heading as a society -> unsolicited advice on how to ‘dress modestly’ -> not all men -> oh poor men -> some religious quote -> it’s all victim’s fault

#TiredNowWoman facepalming

Another user Saman Jafriسمن جعفری :  “The courage and resilience it takes for women everyday to step out. Most comments are positive but as always some moronic men mansplaining, teaching women how to behave, how cover up and how to react when being harassed! The predator of course shouldn’t be blamed. #Facepalm”