Murtaza Wahab apologises, SC withdraws order regarding his removal

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Murtaza Wahab apologises, SC withdraws order regarding his removal

KARACHI, Dec 27,2021- The Supreme Court has withdrawn its order regarding removal of Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab in the Gutter Garden case, after Murtaza Wahab apologized to the court.

A two-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the Gutter Garden case at the Supreme Court Karachi Registry.

Justice Qazi Amin in his remarks said that these are the lands of the state, not your personal property, You will have to return these lands. If we do not take it, someone else will come and take it. You will return the lands.

Bitter words from Murtaza Wahab

On this, Murtaza Wahab spoke bitterly to the bench and said, “Why should we leave the government? In the open court, big observations are made against the government.”

Expressing his indignation, the Chief Justice said, “Mr. be silence, what are you talking about, don’t do politics, get out of here, we are firing you now, are you an administrator or a political leader?” Administrator is hired to serve in an impartial manner. The position of administrator is not for politics.

In his remarks, the Chief Justice said that go and make Bagh Ibn Qasim and Hill Park in our own name, also take Frere Park. How many parks are there in Karachi, remove them, even the remaining parks have been distributed by the officers? Those whose job it is to build a park, take them home.

Expressing anger, the Chief Justice further said that KMC building like Bath Island, Clifton all take in your own name, is Karachi your personal property? Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed said that you have all these trusts.

Amenity plots will remain amenity forever, CJP

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that who would have thought that construction could be done on amenity plots, even the fate of amenity plots will remain amenity, it is time to abolish all KMC societies, KMC people thought, sell everything willingly, amenity plots were sold to make good money.

The Administrator KMC Society informed that the minister had allotted us land for the society. The Chief Justice asked, what the authority of the minister for allotment is.  Is it personal land of the minister who it allotted to you?

Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed in his remarks said that an officer sitting in a small office becomes a viceroy, this is our tragedy.

Restore all the parks, CJP asks Murtaza Wahab

Talking to Murtaza Wahab, the Chief Justice said that you have to rehabilitate all the parks, you do not need any decision of ours to rehabilitate.

Commissioner Karachi told the court that out of 168 acres, 50 acres are occupied.

Murtaza Wahab said that you know the problems in Karachi better than me.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan said that the city has a population of 30 million. There are few parks in this city, while there should be 300,000 parks in this city. He asked the lawyer let court know, which which law can their (parks) land be divided among their officers?

SC orders removal of Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab

Justice Qazi Amin said that we have no authority to allot land for the park, only the state is not allowed to work, there is a conflict of interest between you and the administrator.

Administrator Murtaza Wahab said that we did not sit there with enthusiasm. Justice Qazi Amin said that we have removed you from there.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan said that the administrator in general failed to perform his duties. The attitude of the administrator is that of political leaders and not of serving the citizens, after which the Supreme Court ordered immediate removal of Murtaza Wahab.  

Supreme Court pardons Murtaza Wahab for harsh words

On this occasion, Murtaza Wahab apologized to the Supreme Court for his harsh words and said, “I apologize for my behavior. Justice Qazi Amin said, ” We have removed you from office. You are no longer an administrator. The government should know the difference between the two, your holding office will be a conflict of interest.

 Have mercy on our children: Allottee

During the hearing of the case, the Gutter Garden allottee said that I should be given time to hire a lawyer. The Chief Justice of Pakistan said that you cannot be allotted this Gutter Garden land. The allottee requested, then give orders to Sindh government for alternate land.  

Advocate General asks to withdraw order regarding Murtaza Wahab

Advocate General Sindh requested the court to withdraw the order regarding Murtaza Wahab. Murtaza Wahab is young and has apologized. He has the potential to work. Chief justice said, he was pushing political agenda before the court, what would he be doing in front of people, would be behaving like lord, it shows a mental attitude.

 Amber Ali Bhai, a social figure present in the court also said that Murtaza Wahab is a suitable man and he should be given another chance. Chief Justice of Pakistan said that the job of an administrator is to serve the city.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan asked the Advocate General Sindh to submit a written request for pardon.  After that the court withdrew its decision to remove Murtaza Wahab as administrator.

The court adjourned the hearing till tomorrow.

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