Murad tells about the demand & supply of different relief items,


Murad tells about the demand & supply of different relief items,

KARACHI Sep,2, 2022- The Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah addressing press conference told about the demand and supply of different relief items, including ration bags as on Sept 1, 2022, said that against 471,900 tents, 119,757 have been provided to 24 districts and 5100 are yet to be delivered. 

Mosquito nets

He added that the mosquito nets demand stood at 640,700 against which 503,345 have been provided and 2700 were in the pipeline.

Jerry canes

Talking to media Murad about about the demand & supply of different relief itemssaid that similarly, 17330 jerry canes have been supplied against a demand of 80,350, and 17330 are yet to be supplied.


Tarpaulin demand for all the 24 districts is 183,300 against which 76,810 has been distributed and 21,500 yet to be dispatched. A demand for 22,000 animal mosquito nets has been generated against which 7,556 has been distributed and 1,000 are in the pipeline.

Ration bags

Sharing details of the ration bags demand and supply as on Sept 1, 2022, the CM said that 49,882 have been provided, and 78 are in the pipeline. He said that 121 small pumps and 78 40 and 24 HP have also been provided.

Mr Shah said that 143,551 ration bags have already been distributed, including 6500 by NDMA, 44,237 PDMA, 73151 district administration, and 11225 by Utility stores.

Protective bunds under pressure posing threat to some major towns

According to the CM over all one million tents, three million mosquito nets, two million ration bags for two months, one million jerry cane and one million kitchen sets, 500,000 plastic mats and 500,000 woolen mattress, and one million tarpaulins is required.

405 people died and 1,074 injured

Talking about the loss of lives, Mr Shah said that 405 died and 1,074 injured, 105 million damaged houses, 11,734 cattle lost and 3,171,726 acres of crops were damaged.


Provincial Level: Almost all districts of the province are severely affected, however, the situation in some districts is alarming and requires attention on priority, Murad Ali Shah said and added, therefore, before initiating relief efforts all organizations/individuals were urged to consult PMDA Sindh for information on priority districts and nature and type relief required.

The CM said that the PDMA would assign a focal person for each district to coordinate with the respective Deputy Commissioner or his designated focal person for safety, security, and assigning the area for work.

PDMA will map the information of the organization, nature of work, administrative / area jurisdiction of work, and duration on a suitable platform for visualization.

Based on the ground situation, the Deputy Commissioner or his designated focal person will interact with the organization/individual for assigning the area/jurisdiction such as any Taluka / UC in Taluka / Village (s) etc.