Manchhar Lake over flowing

Manchhar and floods

Manchhar water inundates 10 UCs of Sewhan

HYDERABAD. Sep 3,2022- The flood water from Sukkur Barrage reached Kotri Barrage late at night, there is a high level of flood at the barrage, while Manchhar Lake is over flowing.

The water pressure in Manchhar Lake of Dadu district of Sindh is constantly increasing.

Indus flow

According to the Irrigation Department, there is a high level of flood at Kotri Barrage, all the embankments of the barrage are safe and the staff is on alert. The flood level will be between 550000 to 600000 cusecs.

In the year 2010, 9,64000 cusecs of rail has passed through Kotri Barrage, so there is no danger.

Manchhar Lake over flowing

On the other hand, the pressure of water in Manchhar lake of Dadu district of Sindh is constantly increasing, as a result of the pressure, the water is overflowing from above the gates of Danstar and entering the Danstar canal.

Protective bunds under pressure posing threat to some major towns 

Villages in Matiari, Sujawal districts submerged in flood water

Due to the water pressure on the gates of Danstar canal, the fear of breaking the gates is also being expressed.

At present, water level in Manchhar Lake is more than 122 RL, the length of Danstar gate is 22 feet with iron sheet installed, due to the lake level being more than 22 feet water is overflowing over the gate. .

Nine dehs of Tharparkar have been declared disaster-hit, various villages have been submerged due to floods in Akro Daro, a natural waterway of village Darya Khan Chandio.

Water has entered various villages of Khairpur Nathan Shah,  after which the flood victims are forced to live in a state of destitution.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Munda headworks were swept away by floods, forcing the residents of Mohmand district to take a perilous boat trip across the Swat River.