Protective bunds under pressure posing threat to some major towns

Sindh flood

Draining flood water will take 3-6 months, says Sindh CMSindh

Sindh chief minister briefs media about flood situation in Sindh

KARACHI. Sept 2. 2022- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that various protective bunds are under pressure posing threat to some major towns and cities but the decision to give a relief cut to protect towns and villages has been given to the irrigation expert with the authorized of Irrigation minister.

“We have protected various villages and towns and, in this struggle, today village, Abdullah Shah- the birthplace of my father has been flooded with the rising water in Manchhar Lake,”

He was addressing a crowded press conference at CM House. Minister Information Sharjeel Memon, Advisor Murtaza Wahab, and Advisor Rasool Bux Chandio were present on the occasion.

Flood situation
Protective bunds under pressure posing threat to some major towns

Warah city alerted after advice from the Irrigation dept

The chief minister said that the water level was continuously rising in Warah Taluka. The. natural flow is towards Dhamrah Wah. A cut in Mehar and protective bunds Suprio Band has diverted water towards Warah via Dharma. Rainwater still inundating Dhamrah Wah.

Warah city has been alerted after advice from the Irrigation dept.

The CM said that Nasirabad and Qubo Saeed Khan are Safe. The water level has come down and is receding further. Most of the rural areas are completely submerged.

Water level in Manchhar Lake heading to peak point 

Villages in Matiari, Sujawal districts submerged in flood water


Urban areas are clear but rural areas are inundated and no imminent threat persists. Over 80 percent of Sukkur City urban areas have been cleared of rainwater and the remaining will be cleared in two days as 40 additional pumping machines are working day and night to support Disposal stations.

In Sukkur 151 camps are established in govt buildings where 12000 affectees are being provided two-time meals.

Matiari: Saeedabad is completely submerged

Saeedabad is completely submerged and its four UCS are inundated.

Dadu: rural areas were 80 percent inundated

The CM said that Dadu City/urban area did not have an imminent threat of inundation, however, rural areas were 80 percent inundated and efforts were underway to clear them.

Around 85 percent of Khairpur Nathan Shah is inundated. RD-95 had a cut that caused water to flow from Mehar to protective bunds Superior Band.

Dadu city at this point and time is not under an imminent threat as the left embankment of the MNV Drain is being strengthened, constantly monitored and machinery is available.

The water level at MNV Drain has receded about 1 ft from Hamal Lake.

Similarly, Johi city is being defended through a ring dyke which is being constantly monitored, and patrolled by locals but its rural area is 90 percent flooded.

Khairpur Nathanshah town is inundated. About 85 percent of the town is underwater except for a couple of neighborhoods. The rural area is flooded. Rescue operations with Army, Navy, and EDHI are going on.

Mehar Town is also being defended by a ring dyke. Though the pressure of water is constant and threatening locals along with machinery and material provided by the government are alert, monitoring, and patrolling for saving the town from inundation. The levels of water along with Suprio protective bunds may rise due to a reported breach at RD 95 in Dhamrah Waah. The Rescue Relief operations are going on and are assisted by Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy.

Larkana:  Water drained out from urban areas by 85%

Water drained out from urban areas by 85 to 90 percent. The urban areas include Larkana city, Ratodero, Naudero, Dokri, Badah, Arija, Gerrelo. The rural areas are being cleared.

40 percent of roads connecting to main roads are underwater. All main roads of the district are clear and connected.

Sanghar: 90 percent of crops are completely damaged

The monsoon spell has badly affected the district Sanghar. 90 percent of crops are completely damaged, and the water is standing in crops. Around 35000 people are residing in relief camps and 300,000 population is displaced and settled in tents at roadside and mud heaps.

Major cities have been cleared from rain waters such as Sanghar, Tando Adam, Shandapur, Sinjhoro, Shahpur Chakur, Khipro, and Hathungo.

The embankments ( Katchha bund) have been constructed to protect two major cities- Tando Adam and Sanghar

Sustainability of the Kacha bund a challenge

The sustainability of the Kacha bund is a challenge as water is coming from Khairpur and Nawabshah.

Mirpurkhas: severe flooding in the entirety of Taluka Sindhri.

Water is being rapidly released from District Sanghar through Talukas Sanghar and Khipro which is causing severe flooding in the entirety of Taluka Sindhri.

90 percent of taluka Kot Ghulam Muhammad is still inundated. Due to the incomplete Sim Drain in Tando Jam Muhammad, water is spilling throughout the taluka Digri causing rapid flooding of areas including Tando Jam Muhammad city and adjacent villages. The makeshift barricades are weakening because water pressure and level is rising at an alarming rate.

In Taluka Jhuddo- the Puraan Dhoro has been running past its capacity for the past two weeks. Many breaches are being reported daily with the largest one occurring at Tedi Mori causing heavy flooding in Digri and Jhuddo. So far, at least half a dozen breaches have been reported across Puran Dhoro which is passing between Jhuddo and Naunkot. Irrigation teams are continuously trying to plug all breaches.

LBOD: breach in Dhoro Puran cause reduction in the spinal drain

The LBOD Spinal drain reduces 2.3ft after the breach in Dhoro Puran across Jhudo at RD 7 and 8 due to reflux pressure of the ever maximum rise in Spinal drain, the said and added: “the reduction includes 0.7ft reduction in LBOD components of Nawabshah and Sanghar which means an actual reduction in the spinal drain is gauged at 1.6ft due to breaches in Puran Dhoro.”

According to Mr Shah, once these two breaches are plugged, a rise of 1 ft to 1.5ft is expected despite it would still flowing within tested gauges. He added that the breach at RD-8 has been plugged completely and the breach at RD-7 by 50pc.

The irrigation department provided machinery and other breach plugging material for the protection of the infrastructure which is likely to be hit by the breaching water. The breaches are being plugged by dedicated efforts through specialist labour and divers.