Money laundering probe launched against Hareem Shah

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Money laundering probe launched against Hareem Shah

KARACHI, Jan 1,2021- The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched a money laundering probe against Tik Toker Hareem Shah.

A few days ago, a video of Hareem Shah came out in which she has foreign currency which she was claiming to bring easily abroad from Pakistan.

According to FIA officials, it has also been decided to write a letter to the UK’s National Crime Agency requesting action from the National Crime Agency regarding Hareem’s claim.

FIA officials said that in the video, Hareem Shah is confessing to transferring huge amount of money.

How much foreign currency is allowed while traveling abroad under Pakistani law?

According to Pakistani law, any foreign currency worth 10,000 dollars or its equivalent can be taken abroad.

According to the law, Pakistanis going abroad cannot take more than $ 10,000 with them.

Pakistanis going to India cannot carry more than $3,000 rupees in currency.

It should be noted that the well-known Tik Toker Hareem Shah has said in her latest video that she has brought huge amount of money with her while traveling to UK from Pakistan.

Zulfiqar Shah denies news circulating on social media attributed to Hareem Shah

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has decided to write a letter to the British National Crime Agency against Hareem Shah, Jang news reported.

Hareem Shah left Karachi Airport for Doha, the capital of Qatar, two days ago.

In her latest video, holding the money in his hand, Hareem Shah claimed that she had brought the money safely from Pakistan without any checking.