Mob attacks police station in capital, in bid to lunch blasphemy suspect

ISLAMABAD (May 18, 2021): A mob armed with sticks and iron rods stormed a police station in the capital on Monday night in an attempt to lunch a suspect detained on charges of blasphemy.

According to police, dozens of villagers attacked the Golra police station and demanded to handover them the suspect arrested on charges of blasphemy.

As the police brought the suspect to the police station, scores of people gathered at its gate. The personnel locked to keep the angry villagers outside. However, they managed to enter the police station after overpowering the guards.

The officials said they damaging the offices of the police station.

However, the policemen tried to protect themselves as well as the suspect by locking themselves up in the lock-up and other rooms.

Later, upon getting information, police reinforcement, including personnel of counterterrorism department, anti-terrorist squad and anti-riot unit reached the spot and rescued the staff.

They resorted to excessive teargas shelling and baton-charged the protesting villagers who also put up resistance. However, after over an hour-long effort, the police succeeded to disperse them and get the police station vacated.

The police shifted the man suspected of committing