February 28, 2024

Mexican Mayor marries with female crocodile

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Mexican Mayor marries with female crocodile

The mayor of Mexico has married a female crocodile in a bridal dress in a solemn ceremony, the video of which has gone viral.

According to foreign media reports, the mayor of the Mexican town of San Pedro Huamelula, Victor Hugo Sosa, performed a symbolic wedding to a 7-year-old female crocodile in an old ceremony attended by a large number of people.

What is the ritual of marrying a crocodile?

The ritual marriage likely dates back centuries to pre-Hispanic times among Oaxaca state’s Chontal and Huave indigenous communities, like a prayer pleading for nature’s bounty.

Chontal, Mayan Indians of Oaxaca and Tabasco states in southeastern Mexico.

The Huave are an indigenous people of Mexico. They have inhabited the Isthmus of Tehuantepec for more than 3000 years.

Marriage to the female crocodile of Mexican Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa is intended to increase wealth, prestige and status.

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The ritual involves the female crocodile wearing a white wedding dress and other colorful costumes, while the crocodile is considered a deity in the area.

During Thursday’s wedding, bending down to plant his lips on the small alligator’s snout, which had been tied shut presumably to avoid unwanted biting

On the other hand, the female crocodile bride of Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa has been named ‘Little Princess’.

Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa said on the occasion that after this marriage we naturally ask for a large number of fish in the rains and rivers.

Oaxaca, located in Mexico’s poor south, is arguably the country’s richest in indigenous culture and home to many groups that have stubbornly maintained their languages and traditions.