Villagers kill crocodile near Jacobabad

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Villagers kill crocodile near Jacobabad

JACOBABAD 05,2021- A crocodile was killed as it moved from nearby pond in Dilmurad Khoso, a village near Karim Bakhsh Khoso in Jacobabad district of Pakistan.

Herdsmen detected a crocodile when it entered the herd of goats. The children and women shouted to see dangerous crocodile.

The villagers killed the crocodile with gunfire.

Villagers say population of crocodiles in nearby water ponds have increased which is causing a state of panic in the villages.

The villagers demanded the authorities to capture the crocodile and shift them to safer places.

No wildlife department official reached the spot till the filing of this report.

In July, crocodile attacked and injured a minor girl Leela Khaskheli a village located on Nara Canal of Sukkur Barrage. The herdsmen complained that there were incidents where in crocodiles took away their goats from the banks of canal.

In village Subharo Mahar, a village near RD 115 of Nara Canal Saeeda 4, a minor girl daughter of Allahwasayo was bathing on the banks of Nara Canal, crocodile attacked the mother and daughter.

When matter was reported to Wildlife Department, it Deputy Conservator Sukkur Adnan Hamid constituted a team, which visited the spot and collected details and evidence from local residents.

Instead of taking appropriate action, the wildlife team advised the villagers to stay away from the Nara Canal, whether to bathe, wash clothes or dishes there. The residents have no alternative for water they use for drinking and washing purposes.