Left wing activist Saleh Billoo passes away in Nawabshah

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Left wing activist Saleh Billoo passes away in Nawabshah

NAWABSHAH Dec 19,2021- Renowned Left wing leader and senior journalist Muhammad Saleh Billoo died on Sunday morning in Nawabshah due to a heart attack.

Saleh Billoo started his political career with Sindh National Students Federation, founded by Comrade Jam Saqi and a student front of the Communist Party of Pakistan. He was elected it central committee member for many times.

Saleh Billoo played very active role in Nawashah’s politics particular student movement. Due to efforts of Saleh Billoo along with Ahmed Khan Jamali, Khair Muhammad Juno, Noor Ahmed Channar, Sifat Rind, Inam Rind and others Nawabshah remained strong hold of Sindh National Students Federation and won students’ union in Sachal Sarmast College Nawabshah and other colleges.

He was very close to Comrade Jam Saqi, Comrade Nazeer Abbasi, Comrade Ghulam Rasool Saheto and Imdad Chandio.

When differences cropped up in Communist Party of Pakistan in 90s, Saleh Billoo took position with the faction called Minority Group.

After completion of student life Billoo joined Sindh Hari Committee, and worked in peasantry in Nawabshah and its surrounding districts. He was also vice president of Sindh Hari Commitee after it revival in late 80s.

On advice of Sohail Sangi, like Mansoor Mirani, he joined journalism and was appointed district reporter of Daily Sindh News at Nawabshah. He was one of the pioneers of Daily Sindh and continued journalism till his death. Later he turned to be environmentalist and used to publish weekly newspaper on environment issues.

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Saleh Billoo at a seminar on situation of peasants

Saleh Billoo was arrested a number of times due to his activism. He participated in Freedom of Press movement in 1977, and also courted arrest as per decision of party. He was awarded 10 lashes and one year imprisonment during Zia Martial Law.

Apart from his political activism and journalism he also rendered social services by organising relief camps for flood and drought affected areas, holding medical camps, staging protests for water shortage, municipal and civic issues.

Saleh Baloo always raised the voice for downtrodden people with his pen.

He organised dozens of literary, political, cultural and social programmes in Nawabshah.

He also won the APNS award twice.

On the demise of Saleh Baloo, Nawabshah Press Club declared 7 days of mourning and suspended all activities.

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Saleh Billoo with Mansoor Mirani and Sohail Sangi at a literary program

According to his will, He was buried in his village near Nawabshah Airport.

Saleh Billoo will be remembered a sincere, dedicated and hard working worker of the left politics of Sindh.

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has expressed deep sorrow on sad demise of Saleh Billoo and said his services will be remembered in the history