Karachi’s Corona death tally raises to 121 in March

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KARACHI: The Sindh Health Department said the corona virus killed 121 people in Karachi, the country’s largest city in March.

According to the Sindh Health Department sources, the highest death toll from the corona virus was 49 in the District East, while the lowest death toll was 2 in Malir district.

The Sindh Health Department said 33 people died in the Central District and 19 in the District South in March from the corona virus outbreak.

In March, 11 people died of corona virus in Karachi’s District West and seven in Korangi district.

 1,931 patients were cured of the disease, while the incidence of positive cases increased to 10.43 percent.

The Sindh Health Department also said that a total of 3,710 people died of corona virus in Karachi, including 69 per cent men and 31 per cent women.

The number of coronavirus patients in Sindh has risen to 265,917, the figure is more than other provinces, while the total death toll has risen to 4,504.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has reached 31st position in the list compiled regarding the number of patients during the third wave of corona virus.

According to the National Command and Control Center (NCOC), there have been 5,234 more cases of corona virus in Pakistan in the last 24 hours, with 83 more people losing their lives in the face of this deadly epidemic.

 The total number of coronavirus deaths across the country has risen to 14,613, while the total number of patients has risen to 678,165.

A further 50,170 tests for the corona virus were performed in 24 hours, while a total of 1297,544 corona tests have been performed so far.

A total of 56,347 patients are being treated for corona virus in hospitals, quarantine centers and homes across the country, of which 3,384 are in critical condition, while 67,205 have been cured so far.


Ten government schools in Hyderabad, Sindh’s second-largest city, were closed after cases of the corona virus surfaced.