Musharraf’s granddaughter enters Showbiz

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ISLAMABAD: Former President General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf’s granddaughter Maryam Raza has officially entered the showbiz world.

Maryam Raza started her showbiz career by directing the music video ‘Pyar Da Meter’.

Maryam Raza, daughter of renowned director Asim Raza, directed the music video ‘Pyar Da Meter’ while the producer of the music video is Ammarul Haq.

In this first video directed by Maryam Raza, Sabina Syed will appear in four different guises.

Maryam Raza is the daughter of former Gen Pervez Musharraf’s daughter Aila Musharraf and son-in-law Asim Raza.