Jalal Shah meets PM Imran Khan, Presents memorandum to probe Bahria Town matter

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Jalal Shah meets PM Imran Khan

KARACHI Sep 27,2021- President of Sindh United Party met with Prime Minister Imran Khan at Governor House on Monday and presented a memorandum demanding probe into all illegalities in the allotment of land to Bahria Town Karachi and execute the implementation of the Supreme Court orders dated 04th May 2018

Sindh United Party’s Vice President Aijaz Samatio, Vice President Jagdesh Ahuja and General Secretary Roshan Ali Buriro accompanied him.

The memorandum said that case he was given the opportunity to represent the Sindhi people, we voice the concerns, reservations and objections of the people of Sindh and hope that federal government will understand these demands and take steps to resolve them.

The memorandum reads: The first resolution of Pakistan was passed by Sindh assembly in 1943 in the light of 1940 Lahore resolution, which guaranteed the sovereignty of all federating units of Pakistan. But since long the various attempts of demographic changes are made to convert the indigenous Sindhi population into minority. Mega residential housing projects without demographic and social considerations are deemed to be dire threats.

28 FIRs registered against Bahria Town incident

SUP said that Article 172 and 173 of Constitution of Pakistan is very clear on providing the right of ownership and land acquisition, but time to time federal and provincial governments are violating all rules by converting the natural habitats, cultural heritages and reserves into mega residential projects. One of the controversial mega residential projects is Bahria Town Karachi (BTK).

The memorandum said that it is privately owned gated suburb spreading upon 46,000 acres (72 sq mi; 19,000 ha). This entire project is conceived and executed by builder mafia Mr. Malik Riaz Ahmed of Behria Town in association with Mr. Asif Ali Zardari chief of Pakistan People’s Party. Malir development Authority (MDA) of Sindh Government illegally allotted few hundred acres of land to this project. Thereafter hundreds of the local residents of villages located in the BTK area were enforced by police to evacuate the land. Whoever refused was fixed into the forged ATC cases and their villages were demolished by using the heavy machinery. That procedure of forced land grabbing is continued till few days back therefore clashes between the local owners and BTK administration is regular feature now.

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President of Sindh United Party met with Prime Minister Imran Khan at Governor House

The SUP memorandum clarified that we are not against the development, but we may never compromise on the change in demography, ownership of the land and natural resources of Sindh. Sindh Action Committee comprised upon nationalist parties and indigenous people of Sindh is struggling to safeguard the rights of Sindh. In this regard on June 6th, 2021 tens of thousands indigenous peaceful villagers in the leadership of Sindh action committee organized sit-in procession. Sindh Police failed to control the few planted evil insurgents involved in sabotages. Police fired tear gas shells on peaceful protestors and arrested more than hundred innocents.

It said the leadership of Sindh Action Committee member parties was booked in 32 multiple FIR’s of ATC acts. To victimize the anti PPP worker of Sindh a huge figure of 10 thousand unnamed number was included in each FIR. All leadership and hundreds of workers got bail, but Sayed Zain Shah, a member of central executive committee of Sindh United Party booked as terrorist in the FIR no 259, is still in the Central Jail Karachi. Sindh police has yet not submitted the final challan to delay the trial deliberately.

Ghaus Ali Shah and Zafar Shah join PTI

Four demands were presented in the memorandum:

  • Probe into the matter of BTK in context of investigate all illegalities in the allotment of land and execute the implementation of the Supreme Court orders dated 04th May 2018.
  • Halt the illegal expansion of BTK only to 16,896 acres of the total 24,571 acres validated by the Supreme Court under the terms of the settlement.
  • Constitute JIT of federal investigation agencies to find the hidden hands behind the script of sabotage and fire in BTK on June 6th, 2021 to harm and divert the peaceful sit-in protest of Sindh Action Committee against the BTK and Sindh Government.
  • Constitute independent federal commission on Bahria Incident of June 6th, 2021 to remove the false and forged cases against all peaceful protestors.

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