In laws found involved in murder of lawyer Irfan Mahar: Investigators say

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Secretary Sindh Bar Council Irfan Mahar shot dead

KARACHI Dec 13, 2021- First wife and in laws were involved in the murder of Irfan Mahar, secretary of Sindh Bar Council, investigators revealed.

Irfan Mahar secretary of Sindh Bar Council was shot dead in Gulistan-e-Jauhar area of ​​Karachi, when he was way back after dropping his daughter in the school on December 1.

Ghulam Akbar, brother in law of the deceased lawyer has made sensational revelations during interrogation in front of Counter Terrorism Department Police. When the accused opened fire, his son was also sitting in the same car with the victim.

His first wife reportedly gave money to her brother to kill the victim. The accused said that the victim had allegedly got second marriage without consent of the first wife, which made her sad.

Acting Additional IG Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon told a press conference at the office of DIG Counter Terrorism Department that the main accused in the murder of Irfan Mahar, turned out to be his wife. CTD police have also arrested victim’s two brother in-laws involved in the murder.

Acting Additional IG Karachi said that the arrested accused have made sensational revelations while confessing to the crime during interrogation.

A motorcycle and the pistol used in the incident have also been recovered from the accused. Further interrogation of the accused is underway. 

He said that there were various reasons for the murder. The arrested accused said that the victim used to torture his sister. The victim also had a debt on her. Raja Umar Khittab said that both the accused involved in the operation had fled to interior Sindh after committing murder.

He said that the accused Akbar opened fire on his brother-in-law. The arrested accused Wajid Jakhro was riding a motorcycle.

Secretary Sindh Bar Council Irfan Mahar shot dead

The victim’s wife Sahibzadi, his sister in law Shabana alias Kurarri alias Chhoti and Shabana’s husband Rahim Bakhsh are also involved in the murder.

The victim’s wife had also given Rs 220,000 to the her brother for arms and motorcycle. Domestic dispute was the reason for the murder.

While the CTD in-charge further said that before the murder incident, the accused’s brother in law had also done recce for the victim’s brother-in-law. Accused Ghulam Akbar also paid Rs 40,000 to his friend Wajid Jakhro to help him in the murder.

According to the statement of the arrested accused Ghulam Akbar, the slain lawyer Irfan Mahar had a strict attitude towards his first wife, i.e his sister, and she was upset. The three siblings planned the murder together.

On the day of the murder, the victim’s wife had called her accused brother and when her husband Irfan left the house she informed her brother about husband.

According to the accused, his interest in the incident was also due to the fact that he was indebted to the tune of Rs 30 to 40 lakhs. In case of Irfan Mahar’s murder, he was expected to get around Rs 70 to 80 lakhs in cash.

According to the accused, his sister Sahibzadi initially gave him Rs 160,000 for this work and then a few days later another Rs 60,000. According to the accused, with this money he bought a new 125cc motorcycle for Rs 150,000 and arranged for a pistol.

Irfan Mahar murder case: Investigation team claims significant progress