How was the name of Kamran Tissori approved?

Kamran Tissori

How was the name of Kamran Tissori approved?

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan has told the story behind sending the name of Kamran Tissori as the Governor of Sindh.

Spokesperson MQM-Pakistan said in his statement that the post of Sindh Governor was vacant since the establishment of the incumbent government, we had given five names in the first phase.

He further said that no progress could be made on the five names proposed by us, MQM consulted on the important constitutional post being vacant for a long time and sent two more names to the federal government.

Reports said that MQM senior leader Nasreen Jaleel was the major candidate from MQM. But her name was not cleared.

According to the spokesperson of MQM, this time the party leadership sent the names of Abdul Waseem and Kamran Tissori to the federal government, President Dr. Arif Alvi approved the name of Kamran Tissori as the governor of Sindh.

Who is Kamran Tissori?

He said that Kamran Tissori will definitely play his role in the coordination between the federation and the province and will contribute fully to redress the deprivations of the citizens of Sindh.

The leadership of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan expressed their best wishes to Kamran Tissori for becoming the Governor of Sindh.

Political observers are expressing their surprise  that controversial MQM leader Kamran Tissori was appointed Governor Sindh.

In July 2008, the gold trader Kamran Tessori, who reportedly fled from police custody last month, has been booked here by the Docks police in a case pertaining to a shootout with police.