Headway in escape case of main accused in Dua Mangi kidnapping

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Dua Mangi case: Fugitive accused Zohaib Qureshi arrested

KARACHI, Feb 15,2022- Significant headway is made in escape of a prisoner Zohaib  Qureshi in the Dua Mangi kidnapping case.

Police arrested the ASI Khalid in the Dua Mangi kidnapping case and produced him in the court of Judicial Magistrate East for a two-day physical remand.

Investigation Officer said that on the instructions of ASI Khalid, Head Constable Naveed and Habib Zafar  used to bring the accused Zohaib Ali Qureshi a suspect in Dua Mangi kidnapping case.

Accused Khalid had become a complainant in the Zohaib Ali Qureshi escape case to save himself, Investigating officer said.

 Investigating officer claimed that accused ASI Khalid has confessed before the police.

Zohaib Qureshi main accused in Dua Mangi case flees from country, agencies doubt

The case was registered on the complaint of ASI Muhammad Khalid.

Police were taking the accused Zohaib Qureshi from the court to jail in a private vehicle, when the accused asked him to go shopping from Tariq Road.

Head Constables Muhammad Naveed and Habib Zafar took accused Zohaib Ali Qureshi to Tariq Road for shopping.

Accused Zohaib Ali Qureshi took the opportunity to escape from Dalman Mall. The accused had escaped by tricking a police officer into the mall, the case said.

Escape scene

In the last week of Jnauary the accused in the high profile case and the main accused in the Dua Mangi case Zohaib Qureshi escaped as police could not guard.
According to reports, the court police took Zohaib Qureshi from jail to appear before the court but the accused Zohaib Qureshi did not reach the jail. When the prisoners were counted, the matter was disclosed.

Two policemen have been taken into custody and a case was registered at Ferozeabad police station.

Dua Mangi case

Dua Mangi was abducted outside a restaurant from Defense on November 30, 2019 and was released after paying a ransom of Rs 2 to 2.5 milion.

Dua Mangi was a law student, and the niece of the Sindhi poet and columnist Aijaz Mangi. Officials used CCTV footage to attempt to identify the attackers, and have impounded the car they believe to be a part of the crime.

A protest was staged at the city’s Teen Talwar roundabout demanding her safe recovery.

The accused in the high profile case were arrested on March 18 by a special team of Karachi police.

Media reports said that Dua Mangi has identified three suspects as her kidnappers during a hearing at an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in October 2021. The five accused — Fayaz Solangi, Zohaib Qureshi, Waseem Raja, Muzaffar Ali, and Tariq — detained for allegedly kidnapping her and injuring Dua’s friend, were produced in court.

The victim Dua Mangi testified that she could identify only Qureshi, Ali, and Raja and not the rest of the suspects.

The investigation revealed that the same accused had also abducted a girl named Bisma Saleem from the Defense area for ransom and released her after paying the ransom.

Both the cases are pending in the anti-terrorism court.