Four cases of Corona Indian variant confirmed in Sindh

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KARACHI, (May 31, 2021) Health Secretary Kazim Jatoi said that Corona Indian variant has entered Sindh. Four people have been confirmed with Indian type virus at Karachi airport.

According to Kazim Jatoi, out of the four victims identified at the Karachi airport, three are residents of Karachi and one is a resident of Ghotki.

Sindh contacts WHO

The Sindh Health Department contacted the World Health Organization (WHO) for certification of the corona vaccine.

Provincial Health Minister Azra Fazal Pechuho said she had also approached the WHO to include cyanobacteria and other Chinese vaccines in the certification list.

He said that under the vaccine certification, only those who have been exposed to estrogen can travel abroad.

The Sindh Health Minister said that many people across Sindh who have gone abroad have been vaccinated against cyanobacterial vaccine.

Dr. Azra Fazal said that people who have undergone cyanobacteria should also be allowed to go abroad. People over the age of 40 can apply for AstraZeneca from the Expo Center by showing their passports and visas.

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