Former MPA Nabin Khan Lund dies in Karachi

Former MPA Nabin Khan Lund dies in Karachi

DADU- June 23, 2021: Former MPA and former Nazim of Dadu Taluka Nabin Khan Lund died in Karachi after protracted illness.

Rais Naban Khan Lund was important figure during decade of dacoit Raj in Sindh.

Naban Khan Lund broke the deal for release of three Chinese engineers working on a WAPDA Project were abducted by certain dacoits from near Bhan Town in District Dadu. Chinese engineers were reportedly kidnapped by gang of dacoits Laiq Chandio.

He hold many jirgas to settle the conflicts.  In March 2007, A jirga settled a dispute between Lund and Jatoi tribes in which taluka nazim of Dadu, Naban Khan Lund was imposed a fine of Rs800,000. He was in jail facing charges of killing a Jatoi police constable.

Naban Lund and his guards had stormed the old building of district jail resorted to firing, where in Prison guard Gul Mohammad Jatoi was killed.

Nabin Khan Lund’s body was taken from Karachi to Dadu. His funeral were held in his village.