December 3, 2023

Floods caused 23% loss of GDP: Shazia Marri

Shahzia Marri

Floods caused 23% loss of GDP: Shazia Marri

Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation Shazia Marri has said that there is rain and flood water in all provinces, such a big flood has never happened in Pakistan, 23% of GDP was lost due to flood. 

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad, Shazia Marri said that 30 to 40 percent labour was lost in agriculture, 392 bridges were damaged due to flood and more than 2 million houses were damaged.
Shazia Marri said that more than 13000 kilometers of roads were destroyed due to flood.

Over Rs 23 billion distributed among 946,813 flood-affected families: Shazia Marri
The Federal Minister said that the Prime Minister in the Cabinet took all the members into confidence, during the recent visit, the flood case was presented to the world.
Shazia Marri said that Pakistan is suffering the consequences of climate change and added that a lot of resources are needed to deal with the disasters of floods.