First day of Green Line Bus Service: Late departure, high fare infuriate people

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First day of Green Line Bus Service

KARACHI Dec 25,2021- Today is the first day of Green Line Bus Service. However, the first bus of this project departed from Surjani Town Abdullah Chowk Station with a delay of one and half hours.

A passengers who was going to Nazimabad by Green Line bus was enraged when he heard the fare, which is Rs 55 from Surjani Town to Nazimabad.

The infuriated citizen said that less than that, the rent is on Chung Chi.

Green Line service buses started leaving from Surjani terminal, however, the first station was opened to the public late, and people were waiting for the gate to open outside the station.

The senior citizen complained that they have been standing for a long time, the gates of the bus station are closed, if the bus was late, they would have put up a banner or notice for information.

Green Line buses to run in Karachi on Dec 25

The security personnel told citizens that the station would be opened after the arrival of the Federal Minister.

The first Green Bus left Surjani Town with passengers with one and half an hour delay.

Buses to ply for 4 hours on trial basis

The Green Line bus in Karachi will ply from Abdullah Chowk of Surjani Town to Numaesh Chowrangi.

Initially the bus service will run for a few hours from 8 am to 12 noon, during which only 25 buses out of 80 will ply for 4 hours on a 15 day trial basis.

According to the spokesperson of Sindh Infrastructure Development Company, the Green Bus operation will be fully operational from January 10 and its working hours will also be extended.

The Green Line Bus project was announced by the PML-N federal government in July 2014 and the foundation stone of its 17.8 km long Surjani Town to Guru Mandar track was laid on February 26, 2016.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Green Line Bus project in Karachi on the 10th of this month.

Pakistan’s first electric bus hits roads of Karachi

Regarding this project, the spokesman of the Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Karachi Green Line Bus Rapid Transit System project has been completed at a significant cost of Rs 35.5 billion.

Whatever we are doing should do together, PM Imran Khan