Farough Naseem proposes 869 amendments in criminal laws

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Farough Naseem proposes 869 amendments in criminal laws

ISLAMABAD Sep 05,2021- Federal Minister for Law and Justice Farogh Naseem has proposed 869 amendments in criminal laws, which includes more than half dozen basic laws and has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan seeking reforms in the criminal law.

The letter proposed 225 central and 644 sub-amendments to the Criminal Code, Pakistan Penal Code, Evidence Act, Prisons Act and other laws, including the Railway Act.

 According to sources, the proposal claims that after approval, effective and expeditious procedure for filing FIRs will be introduced, the number of pending cases will be reduced and police abuse of the people will be eliminated.

Proposed amendments in criminal laws suggests that as a result of these reforms, the collection of evidence will be further improved and expedited, and the use of modern equipment will be used to deliver justice.

 Opinions have been sought from the police, Islamabad police and prosecution departments of all the provinces regarding the amendments to the laws. The relevant reports of the Law and Justice Commission have also been examined while making the amendments.