Embassy sends report to Swedish government: Murder of policeman

Defence incident policeman-and suspect

Suspect killer of police officer is son of ex-Deputy Commissioner

The Embassy of Sweden sent a report to its government on the killing of Karachi police officer Abdul Rahman by a Swedish citizen Khurram Nisar.

Police officials said that the diplomatic staff of Sweden obtained various detailed information from the relevant authorities of Karachi Police, investigation documents of the murder of a police officer in Clifton were also exchanged.

Police officials have said that the embassy has prepared a detailed report on the murder incident and the involvement of the Swedish citizen in it.

Suspect killer of Shaheen force Police officer in Defense identified

According to police officials, strict action is expected against the accused in Sweden after this report is received by the Swedish government, which will help Interpol to bring the accused back to Pakistan.

Suspect killer of police officer is son of ex-Deputy Commissioner

It should be noted that Khurram Nisar, son of former Deputy Commissioner Nisar Ahmad, is wanted in the case of terrorism.

Khurram Nisar is accused of killing Shaheen Force officer Abdul Rahman in Clifton.

The accused Khurram Nisar had fled abroad immediately after the incident between November 21 and 22.