Economic growth is directly linked with literacy rate: Mujeeb Sahrai

Mujeeb Sahrai

Economic growth is directly linked with literacy rate: Mujeeb Sahrai

SMIU observes World Teacher’s Day

KARACHI, Oct5,2022 – Prof. Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) addressing the World Teacher’s Day has said that the development and economic growth of a country is directly linked with the literacy rate of a country and teachers plays a decisive role in it. 

He said this while addressing the World Teacher’s Day celebration organised by the Department of Education in collaboration with the Directorate of Students Affairs and Counselling of SMIU at the Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium of the university on Wednesday.

SMIU Teachers day
Students highlighted the role of a teacher through theater, songs and speeches

Dr. Sahrai said almost 99 percent of developed countries have achieved their prosperity and progress due to their increased literacy rate. “Teachers must be given their due status, respect and value, as they are producing learned people who are contributing towards the development of the country,” the Vice Chancellor said and added that if we have to go shoulder to shoulder with the developed world then we have to give importance to a teacher and education.

Sindh Madressatul Islam celebrates its 138th Foundation Day

Dr. Mujeeb Sahrai further said teachers are game changers, hence they could change the destiny of a nation and shape a new civilized society through imparting quality education to young generations. He was of the view that he feels proud being a teacher and his father Mr. Taj Sahrai, a noted archaeologist, historian, who has received Pride of Performance Award was also a teacher and founder of the Talibul Moala School Dadu.

theater on teachers day
students presenting theater on teachers day

Praising the role of SMIU’s teachers the Vice Chancellor said since the establishment of SMI in the 19th century, its teachers have played very significant role in transformation of the society and they have produced great personalities including founder of Pakistan Quaid-e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Dr. Sahrai opined that each and every person of the country must think about his/her role and also teachers must think about their role. He was of the opinion that we have to work for capacity building of primary teachers, then we can improve learning process of students up to higher education level.

Dr. Jamshed Halepoto, Dr. Zahid Ali Channar, Dr. Aamir Iqbal Umrani, Ms Khushboo, and Ajab Ali Lashari speaking at the function

Dr. Jamshed Halepoto, Dean Faculty of Business Administration, Dr. Zahid Ali Channar, Director Post Graduate Studies, Dr. Aamir Iqbal Umrani, Director ORIC, Ms. Khushboo, and Mr. Ajab Ali Lashari, Lecturer SMIU also spoke on the occasion. Students highlighted the role of a teacher through theater, songs and speeches.

On the occasion souvenirs were presented to the Vice Chancellor and teachers of the university.