Dengue cases are increasing across Sindh

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Dengue becomes epidemic in Karachi, 433 cases reported

KARACHI Oct 09, 2021

13 cases in Thar within a week

Dengue cases are increasing across Sindh as cases were reported from Karachi to Tharparkar. According to health experts, 80% of dengue patients are reporting to hospitals who have been affected by it in the past.

Head of Infectious Diseases at Dow University of Health Sciences, Dr Saeed Khan said women and children are also being hospitalized with dengue.

Dengue cases were started in March and continue to rise. Sindh has recorded 338 dengue cases from September 1 to September 21 across the province.

Dr. Saeed Khan said that people already infected with dengue can get dengue rapidly, there are four types of dengue virus.

Dengue cases are on rise in Punjab

He further said that the types of dengue virus include Den V1, 2, 3 and 4. Dengue mosquito grows in water.

He also said that mosquitoes breed rapidly in stagnant water.


The dengue cases are on rise in Chachro after recent rains.

Three more cases of dengue were reported in village Waori Dora and one case was reported in village Kagia, after which the number of dengue patients increased to 13 in one week.

The patients are being referred to Hyderabad hospitals as no proper health facility is available in this remote district. Fear spreads due to dengue virus in Tharparkar.