February 21, 2024

Customs Intelligence busts massive diesel theft syndicate via underground pipeline

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Customs Intelligence busts massive diesel theft syndicate via underground pipeline

KARACHI, Jan 24, 2025: In a significant breakthrough, Customs Intelligence has uncovered a highly sophisticated operation involving the theft of non-duty paid diesel from the PARCO oil pipeline through a meticulously constructed underground tunnel.

This clandestine activity, running unchecked for an extended period, has resulted in daily losses amounting to crores of rupees, with a cumulative impact in the billions.

The Intelligence Based Operation (IBO) executed by Customs Intelligence Karachi unveiled a 174-feet-long tunnel intricately connected to PARCO’s oil pipeline. The perpetrators ingeniously utilized this covert passageway to extract and steal non-duty paid diesel, evading legal and fiscal responsibilities. The operation exposed a mischievous modus operandi, indicating a shift towards more innovative and covert means as traditional smuggling routes face heightened scrutiny and crackdowns.

During the raid, the enforcement team seized a staggering 65,000 litres of non-duty/stolen diesel valued at Rs 20 million, underscoring the extensive scale of the smuggling operation and the colossal revenue loss suffered by the government exchequer on a daily basis.

The tip-off leading to this successful operation came from Director General of Customs Intelligence, Faiz Ahmad Chadhar, who had identified an organized syndicate involved in the theft and sale of non-duty paid diesel. Meticulous intelligence gathering and surveillance focused on a suspicious industrial site in Karachi, ultimately leading to the discovery of an Edible Oil factory at Port Qasim intricately linked to the illegal activities.

Following the seizure, the investigation resulted in the arrest of the factory owner, marking a significant breakthrough in dismantling the network behind this sophisticated smuggling operation. Director General Ahmad Chadhar commended the efforts of Customs Intelligence Karachi, highlighting their dedication in combating fuel smuggling despite limited resources.

This operation underscores the evolving and complex nature of fuel smuggling in the country, necessitating continued vigilance and innovative strategies by law enforcement agencies to curb such illicit activities. Further investigations are underway to apprehend additional members of the smuggling gang and determine the full extent of the financial losses incurred over time.